They can't tie their shoes, but they can use a cell phone.

A new study out of Australia found that kids between the ages of two and five are more likely to be able to use a smartphone app than tie their shoe.

Researchers theorize that basic life skills – like tying shoes, riding a bike, or dressing without help – are too time consuming for busy parents. On the other hand, putting a phone or tablet in a kid's hands is a great way for parents to free up time because kids are occupied. Basically, kids are learning about technology the way they used to learn how to tie their laces and snap buttons.

According to the study, two- to five-year-olds are able to log onto the internet, locate specific apps on phones and tablets without the ability to read, and take photos and play games without any help. It’s hard to imagine what they will be able to do once they start reading and writing. The scary thing is they might be able to write code and hack websites ... but they won’t know how to make a sandwich or take a shower!

 (Daily Mail)

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