Ever wonder why you crave a particular food or snack?

Experts say when you crave a particular food, it's usually a direct message about your health and nutrition.  

If you crave red meat, you may have an iron deficiency.  This often happens to women during their time of the month, so it's important to pay attention.  

If you're craving fries, chinese or potato chips...basically salt cravings, it could mean a mineral deficiency.  Specifically calcium, magnesium and zinc.  

If cheese is what you're hunkering for, your body might be fat deficient.  Try increasing the amount of healthy fats in your diet to get those cravings to stop.  

If what you want is candy, pasta or bread:  Loading up on simple carbs spikes your blood sugar, which leads to a release of insulin, followed by a sugar crash that makes you crave more sugar...  You see where we're going with this one.  

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