Common mistakes most of us make when we head back to the gym.

If you're hitting the gym after a long hiatus, there are some common mistakes you should avoid.  

1.  Don't skip your warm-up.  Take at least 10 minutes to warm up the muscles you're about to target to         avoid injury.  

2.  Focusing only on cardio.  It's a great way to improve your vascular health and burn calories, but you need to build muscle to work out effectively.  That's where weight training comes in.

3.  Doing the same routine over and over again:  You need to change things up if you want to see results.

4.  Doing cardio before weight training:  If you do the weights first, when you have the most energy.

5.  Pushing too hard, too fast.  Give yourself time to build up to intense workouts.  Especially if it's been awhile.

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