July 16 local headlines

Seven people are recovering from quite an ordeal yesterday.  They were about 4 miles offshore when their boat capsized, and the Coast Guard had to pull them out of the water.  No injuries were reported. 

A Marine Corps vet from Alaska is being remembered as a man with a heart of gold.  He was killed in a fire at a mobile home park in Gulfport near the intersection of 11th Avenue and 36th Street. 

The Marines who are walking all the way from Mississippi to North Carolina in memory of their comrades who died in a plane crash last year have made it to Alabama. The Marines accompanied by the wives or fiancees of some of the victims are headed for Camp Lejeune carrying soil from the crash site in the Mississippi Delta that'll be used to plant a memorial tree at their home base. They're hoping to complete the 900 mile trek next week.

Gas prices in our state are hovering for the most part.  Triple-A says the statewide average for regular is about $2.56 a gallon, 57-cents higher than it was a year ago. 

Moss Point Mayor Mario King will go before the Jackson County Board of Supervisors this morning.  He plans to ask for specifics on how much tax money taxpayers have paid in, and how much his city is getting back.  Mayor King wants to use that money to improve the intersection at Macphelia and Jefferson and other road and bridge improvements. 

Hattiesburg leaders may decriminalize marijuana possession.  There’s a Town Hall meeting tonight to discuss an ordinance that—if approved as written—would mean no jail time for those caught with 30 grams or less of pot.


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