Aug 8 Local Headlines:

MS Power customers will be paying more next month.  That’s when a 9% increase approved by the Public Service Commission for MS Power goes into effect.  That adds up to about $11 more per month per customer. 

Moss Point’s Mayor wants to cut what he calls 4 non-essential positions, and give himself and members of the Board raises.  Mario King led a special budget meeting yesterday.  He told WLOX he’ll post updates on their discussions to Facebook Live.

Federal investigators say both Biloxi and CSX were culpable in a fatal collision between a train and a charter bus last year, because they weren’t communicating about recurring problems of vehicles getting stuck on the tracks.  Biloxi Mayor Gilich says they’d placed warning signs up before the tragedy, and they’ve been negotiating for 3 years with CSX to reduce the amount of RR crossing in east Biloxi.  He promises they’ll continue to work to improve safety at all rail crossings.

Marcus Reddix will spend more than 17 years in prison for distributing meth in Vancleave.  He was accused of distributing the drug from a family compound known as The Hill, which police say is the home of central Jackson County’s largest drug ring.

It could be the title of a new movie -- "Sleepless in Southaven." Or maybe "Up All Night in Natchez." How about "Bleary-Eyed in Biloxi?" Regardless of where we live, Mississippians aren't getting enough sleep. At least, that's what a website called Mattress Clarity has found after surveying 25-hundred people nationwide. It says almost 40 percent of the Mississippians who took part in the poll said they're getting by on less than five hours of sleep each night. That's the second-highest percentage in the country. People in Nevada are the only ones who say they get less sleep.

How about this for good fortune?  Fred S. (no last name given) won an over $1-million jackpot at the Hard Rock last month.  It takes awhile for staff to do the paperwork on a win like that, so he played a nearby machine while he waited…and won another $14-thousand!


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