Aug 14 Local Headlines

A woman that slammed her car into an SUV with so much force it knocked off a wheel and set off both airbags is facing possible DUI charges.  It happened in the Edgewater Village parking lot yesterday.  She ran into Wendy’s, but employees refused to let her leave until police arrived.  There was an Uber sticker on her windshield. 

Jackson County police are trying to figure out who set fire to 3 cars early yesterday at 2 different locations.  Two were parked at a house in Latimer, another was parked at Oak Ridge Apartments in St. Martin. 

The man who went on a multi-state crime spree that left two people dead and two others wounded last year has been sentenced to life in prison in Rankin County -- where it all started. Alex Deaton admitted he strangled his girlfriend, Heather Robinson. He got another 40 years for stealing her car and using it in a drive-by shooting. Deaton had already been sentenced to prison for robbing and shooting a convenience store clerk in Kansas after a carjacking in New Mexico. And he still faces another murder charge in Mississippi -- for killing a woman at a church in Neshoba County.

The escape of a murder suspect that was on the lam for 3 days before he was arrested in Ocean Springs has led to a shakeup at the South MS Correctional Institution in Leaksville.  Joe Errington was named acting superintendent of the lockup yesterday.  He had been serving as the deputy warden. 

MS is the worst state to have a baby, finishing 51st overall in a ranking from WalletHub.  We finished 29th in cost, 50th in health care…and we have one of the highest infant mortality rates.  Only Alabama ranked worse in that regard.

McComb city leaders are expected to consider a proposal later this month that would decriminalize marijuana possession. Donovan Hill, wants to do away with jail time for any first offender found in possession of 30 grams or less, and reduce the fine to 100-dollars.

On our coast, they’re still searching for whoever shot and killed a dolphin that washed up on the beach in Waveland in April.  In Florida an alarming number of dead dolphins may have been killed by a toxic algae bloom that’s scaring tourists away.  

Two more Mississippi Forestry Commission employees have been sent to help battle wildfires out west. They're being deployed to Oregon where a dozen fires affecting almost 196-thousand acres are burning. A total of 25 commission employees are now on assignment including a 20-man team that was sent to Colorado last week to work on the front lines of one of the big fires there.


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