The death toll from Florence continues to rise.

The death toll from Hurricane Florence keeps rising along with the floodwaters. At least 31 people have died since the storm made landfall last week. Most of those deaths have been in the Carolinas, where heavy rain has caused major flooding across both states. One person was killed in Virginia in a flurry of tornadoes that touched down as the remnants from Florence moved across the state yesterday. What remains of Florence is bringing heavy rain to the Mid-Atlantic states.

The future is not all that clear for what was days ago Hurricane Isaac. Forecasters at the National Hurricane Center in Miami are keeping an eye on what is now little more than a disorganized disturbance in the Caribbean Sea capable of producing heavy rain and gusty winds in areas of Jamaica and Cuba. An overnight check finds a low to zero chance of it generating back to tropical cyclone status within the next few days as it moves to the west-northwest, but things could change once it moves into the Gulf. Whether it will eventually prove a threat to Mississippi or other areas of the Gulf Coast remains to be seen.


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