Election Day Coverage...

Mississippians seem to be turning out in record numbers, as predicted.  

Both Senate seats for Mississippi will be decided by voters. Four candidates compete for the remainder of Senator Thad Cochran's term after his retirement in April. That could end in a runoff.  

Incumbent U.S. Senator Roger Wicker is seeking re-election, challenged by Democrat David Baria. Mississippi voters could be deciding not only who represents them in the Senate, but also help to determine which party has Senate control.

The Harrison County School Bond Referendum will be decided by 23 of the 53 precincts in Harrison County.  Only voters registered to those 23 precincts can vote on that bond, because they are in the Harrison County School District.  

Uber and Lyft are offering discounts to voters. Uber will give riders a ten-dollar discount if they're going to a polling place, while Lyft is offering 50-percent off rides to voters.

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