Biloxi breaks down gaming revenue:

City issues monthly report on gaming revenue

Today's a good day for reports on the City of Biloxi website, with the traditional weekly report from Police, Fire, Community Development and Engineering departments and the release of the November state gaming report, which tracks all casino gaming revenue collected in Biloxi.

In fact, the latest state gaming report, which is compiled by the city's Finance Division based on state collections, shows that Biloxi casinos took in $67.9 million in gross gaming revenues.

So where did the money go? Here's the breakdown for November's $67.9 million:

Total taxes paid: $8.39 million

To the state: $5.4 million

To the City of Biloxi: $1.67 million

To Harrison County: $633,602

To Biloxi Public Schools: $435,054

To county schools: $217,527

About the state report: The monthly state report, which is usually compiled and released by the city around the 10th of each month, is not a "true month" report. The state report is generally based on a four-week period not a calendar month. For instance, if a month ends in the middle of a week, the report may contain the remainder of that particular week. The mayor's office, incidentally, also tracks gaming revenue by "calendar month" for budgeting purposes.

(Source:  City of Biloxi)


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