Day 27 of the shutdown, how cold will the cold snap be, and more...

Some of the stories that sparked discussion on this mornings "Gulf Coast Mornings with Kelly Bennett and Uncle Henry":


Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day: Today is the day when most people abandon their New Year’s resolutions – if they haven’t already.

The ongoing government shutdown is having a bigger impact in Mississippi than other states. That's according to a new study from WalletHub, which ranked Mississippi eighth in its list of which states have been hit hardest. Researchers looked at how many government workers live in each state as well as how many residents rely on government assistance. Mississippi has the highest rate in the country of residents on food stamps, which authorities say will continue to be paid through at least next month.

Just take a sick day … It’s cold and flu season, and as anyone who works in an office knows, co-workers coming in sick can wreak havoc on your health. But it seems that Americans are taking fewer and fewer sick days. According to research by LinkedIn, on average, employees took just 2.5 sick days in 2018 -- and 20 percent of workers surveyed said they couldn’t afford to miss a day of work.

A growing trend? People working from home when they are sick – instead of using that time to rest and get better. According to Dr. Robert Glatter, an emergency care physician in New York, “If you’re going to stay at home, that means resting, not working. Sleep is how you fight the illness. It’s a restorative medicine. When you deprive yourself of that rest, you’re prolonging the illness for days.” (Market Watch)


The cheating website Ashley Madison crunched some numbers and figured out the Top 10 cities where people are looking to cheat this winter…

  1. John’s Creek, Georgia
  2. Charleston, West Virginia
  3. Wilmington, Delaware
  4. Marietta, Georgia
  5. Bayonne, New Jersey
  6. North Bergen, New Jersey
  7. Hollywood, California
  8. Bloomington, Indiana
  9. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  10. Alexandria, Virginia

Many of the cities on this list are smaller. The people who run Ashley Madison believe that people in smaller towns might be cheating more because they spend much of their time commuting. When they’re out of town, they’re not with their spouse … (AskMen)



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