Horrific officiating in BOTH games yesterday.

Mobile making national news this morning:

 A suspected Mobile cop killer is facing capital murder charges.  Prosecutors say yesterday afternoon, 19-year-old Marco Perez shot and killed 30-year-old officer Sean Tuder at the Peach Place Inn in West Mobile.  Perez was wanted for federal gun charges and according to police, had faked his own kidnapping weeks ago.  Perez is behind bars without bail. 

The father of suspected cop killer Marco Perez is apologizing to the victim's family.  Mister Perez spoke to NBC 15 after the killing of Officer Sean Tuder yesterday.  He said he never would have thought his son could do something like this, and that he raised him to be a better man.  Perez's dad says he tried to trick the family into thinking he was dead or kidnapped.  They won't be in court to support him and the family says they're now done with him.

In MS, another tragedy:

Two people are dead as the result of an apparent murder-suicide Saturday afternoon at a home in the Reunion Place subdivision near Brodie Road. Biloxi police initially responded to the location on a report of a suicidal man. Officers found the residence locked and a standoff ensued. After making entry police found a woman in her 20s shot dead, and the man wounded who would die a short time later at the hospital. No names have been released.


Saints fans are extremely upset with the refs in yesterday's game:

The last thing the NFL would ever want is for an officiating mistake to decide the Super Bowl. On Sunday, the league might have gotten enough errors to determine both teams that will play in the championship game in two weeks. The most egregious gaffe came in the NFC title game in New Orleans. The Saints were in position to put away the Rams when Tommylee Lewis blatantly was interfered with inside the Los Angeles 5-yard line by cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman. Not only did Robey-Coleman hit Lewis early, he did so helmet to helmet. Next weekend, we'll hear about Robey-Coleman being fined for the collision - even though, incredibly, no flag was thrown. ''Came to the sideline, looked at the football gods and was like, `Thank you,''' Robey-Coleman said. ''I got away with one tonight.'' Such a big one that it kept the Rams alive. Instead of a first down and the chance to run down the clock before making a field goal, or score a touchdown for a bigger lead, the Saints wound up with Wil Lutz's 31-yard kick. That made it 23-20 with 1:41 left in regulation, plenty of time for the Rams to march to Greg Zuerlein's tying 48-yard field goal.


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