Polar Vortex, the Sequel. Heftier fines on the way in MS.

It's snowing in parts of the country that don't typically get snow. North Mississippi included.

A powerful storm is bearing down on 200-million Americans. It moves into the central U.S. today spreading heavy snow, ice, and treacherous travel conditions across the Midwest and Ohio Valley before pushing into the Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast late today. The Southeast can expect heavy rain with a chance of flooding, and severe thunderstorms. 


If you're caught and convicted of driving under the influence in Mississippi after July 1st you could be looking at a much heftier fine. House Bill 1445 has cleared the lower chamber and is headed to the Senate for debate. The proposed legislation would almost double the DUI fine from 243-dollars-50-cents to 493-dollars-50-cents. Those funds go to help fund trauma care in the state.


Former Seattle Seahawks player Anthony "T.J." Cunningham is dead. He was fatally shot over a parking dispute in Aurora, Colorado yesterday. Cunningham was 46 years old and an assistant principal for the Aurora Public Schools. Seattle drafted Cunningham out of Colorado in the sixth round of the 1996 NFL Draft. The shooting suspect is being held on first-degree murder charges.

A new offensive coordinator for the Southern Miss football team. Coach Jay Hopson has hired Buster Faulkner to replace Shannon Dawson who left to take a job at Houston. Faulker has been offensive coordinator at several schools, most recently Arkansas State. He was there for three years. He's also run the offense at Middle Tennessee State, Murray State and Valdosta State.

D'Iberville High School is getting the green light for the hiring of Larry Dolan as the new head football coach. The Harrison County School Board voted its approval of Dolan at the panel's meeting last night. His resume includes the 2013 Class 4A title win for Forrest County AHS where he served as head coach from 2006 to 2013, exiting with an 81-20 win/loss record. 


A National Park Service employee has revealed that buckets of radioactive uranium ore were stored in a museum at the Grand Canyon for two decades. Elston Swede Stephenson put out the word in an email to all Park Service employees earlier this month. Stephenson is the safety, health and wellness manager at the Grand Canyon. Three five-gallon paint buckets brimming with radioactive ore were apparently stored near exhibits from 2000 to June of last year. Stephenson says National Park executives stonewalled him when he repeatedly asked them to inform the public. The Grand Canyon is the second-most visited park in the National Park system, with more than seven-million visitors a year.


And in the midst of all the local and national news stories we'll bring on tomorrow, you'll have a chance to win tix to see Bryan Adams at The Wharf in May!



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