Is the Mueller investigation close to wrapping up?

Some of the top stories from this morning:

Crews are expected to get construction completed enough, if not finished, for the upcoming Mardi Grad parades in Biloxi. City officials and the firm doing work on the streets say they will be ready and paved, albeit some of the paving may be just a temporary fix.  Whatever the situation is when Neptune rolls a week from tomorrow or when Fat Tuesday arrives, the city's public affairs manager is urging the tens of thousands expected to gather for the parades to be aware of their surroundings as a result of construction in the area.


A lawsuit against President Trump's rollback of climate change regulations is being dismissed. A federal judge in Philadelphia on Tuesday dismissed a lawsuit by two Pennsylvania boys and the Clean Air Council, saying the court does not have the power to tell the White House what to do. The lawsuit was filed in November 2017 by two boys with allergies, ages seven and eleven. U.S. District Judge Paul Diamond said the Constitution does not guarantee what the boys and the environmental group called a due-process right to a life-sustaining climate system. He also said the boys could not trace their severe allergies and asthma to White House policies.  


Senator Mitt Romney says the upcoming report from special prosecutor Robert Mueller [[ MULL-er ]] probably won't have much to say about President Trump. Asked about the soon-to-be-completed probe during an interview, the Utah Republican said yesterday there's not a lot of there, there. Romney indicated that Attorney General William Barr assured him that the Justice Department will release as much of the report as it can when it is completed. Romney is pushing for the department to release the entire report both to Congress and to the public.

A federal judge in Washington, DC is imposing a full gag order on longtime Trump ally Roger Stone. Judge Amy Berman Jackson told Stone Thursday that he can make no further public comments about his case or Special Counsel Robert Mueller [[ MULL-er ]]. That includes social media posts. NBC's Hallie Jackson says Stone apologized for posting a picture of the judge under crosshairs.


The Tooth Fairy seems to be tightening her purse strings a bit. According to a new Delta Dental Original Tooth Fairy Poll, the average monetary payout for a lost tooth last year was down 43-cents from the year before. The Tooth Fairy's average cash gift dropped to three-seventy per tooth. A first lost tooth, though, tends to bring in more cash. That monumental event brings in an average of four-dollars-96-cents.


Does your partner derail your diet? A survey found that for those on a diet, their biggest enemy just might be the person who is supposed to be supporting them. One quarter of respondents say when they are trying to eat healthy, their partners eat snacks and treats right in front of them, order unhealthy take-out food or encourage them to have drinks. (Study Finds)



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