Paradegoers in Biloxi went scrambling for cover yesterday...

Folks at the Gulf Coast Carnival Association Parade in Biloxi went scrambling for cover when they heard a loud bang near the end of the parade, in the area of Reynoir and H90. Some thought it could be gunfire, but police investigated further, and says it was fireworks. No one was arrested, and no citations were issued.

A Tulane University student is dead after a freak accident in Gautier, Mississippi. The 21-year-old student was killed yesterday at a rest stop along I-10. Police say a big-rig tire rolled across the eastbound lanes and into the rest-stop, hitting and killing the woman. She has not been identified.

A bill to give Mississippi teachers a pay increase is clearing hurdles. Senate Bill 2770 provides for a one-thousand-dollar raise in the minimum salary over two years for the teachers plus a pay bump for teacher assistants. It first passed the House Education Committee on Monday and then the House Appropriations Committee yesterday. The minimum salary would increase to just over 35-thousand dollars.

Unemployment in Mississippi is remaining at a historic low. That's according to the new numbers released Tuesday by the state Department of Employment Security. The rate is still at four-point-seven percent for the most recently-reported month of January. More than ten-thousand jobs were added over the one-year period, but the state's labor force declined, according to the department.

There are several members of the Jackson Police Department who have now become former members amid allegations of excessive force that resulted in a man's death last month. Jackson Mayor Chokwe Lumumba and city police chief James Davis have announced the firings of three officers and their supervisor after Mario Clark died following an encounter with police on Valentine's Day. A news release issued on Tuesday said there were multiple violations of the officers' general orders revealed in an internal affairs investigation, but specifics of the violations were not included, nor were the names of the personnel. The city said yesterday that the FBI is continuing to investigate the matter.

The Ole Miss Student Senate is voting to relocate a campus Confederate statue. A resolution passed unanimously at a meeting on Tuesday night to move the statue from the campus center to the Ole Miss Confederate cemetery. This comes after a pro-Confederate rally at the statue last month. A statement from an Ole Miss official says the next step is for student body leadership to give a final sign-off on the resolution before it is, quote, "circulated for acknowledgment" by the appropriate school administrators.

President Trump will visit Alabama Friday -- where the E-F 4 tornado left at least 23 people dead...and others missing. The National Weather Service says a cluster of 20 tornados tore through the Southeast Sunday... leaving the most death and destruction since 20-13. About eight people are still unaccounted for.

President Trump's immigration policies will come under scrutiny in Congress today. Four committee hearings will be held today to analyze actions taken by President Trump to crack down on immigration. Three of the hearings will be in the Democrat-controlled House. The hearings will examine the administration's zero-tolerance policy that led to the separations of thousands of migrant families. They will also focus on conditions at Border Patrol facilities that led to three deaths, and the decision to terminate temporary deportation protections for over a million people. 



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