What kind of Hurricane Season should we expect?

Some of the days top stories:

Tropical weather experts at Colorado State University are predicting a slightly below normal hurricane season this year. They say a currently weak El Nino event will likely persist and may even strengthen during the summer and fall, along with other factors that could keep the storm numbers down. As it stands now, 13 named storms are expected to form between June 1st and November 30th, including two major hurricanes. The forecasters say there is a 28-percent probability of one of them making landfall along the Gulf Coast. 

Mississippi's professional baseball season is underway but only one of the teams got to play last night. The Mississippi Braves lost their season opener at Tennessee 7-to-5. In Biloxi, the winner was Mother Nature. The Shuckers' game against Birmingham was rained out. The teams will play a doubleheader tonight.

The Final Four for both the men's and women's NCAA Tournaments tip off this weekend. In women's action tonight, Notre Dame faces U-Conn and Oregon meets Baylor in Tampa, Florida. The men's Final Four tips off tomorrow in Minneapolis with Auburn going up against Virginia and Texas Tech taking on Michigan State.

A just released report based on FBI annual crime data shows that Jackson leads all other cities in Mississippi in the rate of robberies per capita. Based on 2017 statistics, the study by YourLocalSecurity.com says there were 33 robberies in the capital city for every ten thousand people. Among the nation's 50 states, Baltimore recorded the highest robbery rate in Maryland with nearly 96 robberies per ten thousand people, or almost three times higher than Jackson. 

Two health insurance giants are agreeing to cap the monthly cost of insulin at 25 dollars. Cigna and pharmacy benefits manager Express Scripts said that most Type 1 diabetics in the U.S. paid on average about 42 dollars a month last year. Drug companies have been dealing with intense criticism over steep increases in the prices of drugs people need to keep living. Some parents have blamed drug companies for the deaths of their diabetic children when the drug costs soared as much a one-thousand dollars a month. Six million Americans depend on insulin each day.

Target will be raising its minimum wage to 13-dollars an hour in June. The giant retailer said its part of its plan to raise the minimum wage for current and new employees to 15-dollars an hour by the end of 2020. Target has made it an effort to raise the minimum wage over a three year period after announcing in September 2017 it would raise hourly pay wages from ten-to-fifteen-dollars-an-hour. Pay for Target workers is higher than Walmart's eleven-dollar-an-hour minimum, but still lags behind Amazon's 15-dollar-an-hour minimum.

A Mississippi native who died in a North Korean prison camp 68 years ago will finally be laid to rest today. The service will take place this afternoon at Biloxi National Cemetery with full military honors for 25-year-old James P. Alvin Shaw. WLOX-TV reports his remains were sent to Hawaii in 1954 and remained unidentified until just three years ago. Family members were eventually located on the Gulf Coast, leading to today's services that are open to the public.

A Nevada mom is driving around in a car after her 13-year-old son traded his Xbox and an offer doing yard work for it. Krystal Preston shared the story on Facebook and it has since gone viral. Her son William Rabillo said he saw people on YouTube surprising their mom with a car and he wanted to do that. He saw an ad for a car and contacted the owner and offered a trade: His Xbox and yard work for the car. The car's owner initially refused, but later changed her mind. Preston said when he surprised her she cried. She said she's a single mom and they are starting over. The maker of Xbox, Microsoft saw the story and contacted the mother. They're sending her son a new console.

Charmin is going big, rolling out a giant supply of toilet paper to last you a long time. The new "Forever Roll" is a jumbo sized multi-user roll that holds 17-hundred sheets and weighs about two pounds. A normal single-user roll holds 850 sheets. The rolls are so large it needs its own dispenser. Charmin is offering a starter pack through it's website that comes with three multi-user rolls and includes a free toilet paper stand. The price for that is about 30-bucks. The "Forever Roll" is said to last you at least one month.

Prince Harry is calling for a ban on Fortnite. Speaking at an event in London yesterday, the Duke of Sussex criticized the popular video game for being addictive. He says it's irresponsible of parents to have the game in their homes, and even claimed it'



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