Local police are looking for a cop-killer.

The top local stories covered on this May 6th edition of "Gulf Coast Mornings with Kelly Bennett and Uncle Henry":

Local police are looking for a killer. The suspect opened fire on an unidentified police officer after ten last night outside the Public Safety Center on Porter Avenue. They rushed the officer to the hospital, but he didn't make it. Because it was a Biloxi officer that lost his life, Chief Miller has asked Gulfport Police to lead the investigation.Still no word on a possible motive.


A local teen is under arrest for allegedly making threats against St. Martin Middle School.He’s in youth court custody, and because he’s a minor, his name isn’t being released.


A scam warning out of George County, where some residents have received a disturbing text message that reads:

This is Lucedale hospital calling.Your neighbor is with us here.Condition was worrying.You please message us now…

That text is followed by a link to load more.The George Regional Health System would never send a message like this, and if you do receive it…do NOT open the link.


You can still count Mississippi as one of the states in the nation where measles cases have not been reported of late. That can't be said for 22 other states where more than 700 people have come down with the measles this year, the largest such outbreak in 25 years. Mississippi health officials announced Friday that a traveler with the measles who made stops at several restaurants in the Hattiesburg area early last month apparently did not infect anyone he may have come in contact with.




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