Comedian Accidentally Curses At Malia Obama For Whispering During His Set

Comedians are used to audience members interrupting their sets, but since most stand-up acts are pretty good with improv, they are usually able to put rude comedy club-goers in their place. If there's a heckler, comics usually just give it right back to them, but recently, comedian Pete Holmes, who starred in the HBO series Crashing, encountered some young women whispering and giggling in the front row and wasn't sure how to respond because he felt the whispers were "worse than heckling." He eventually told them to "shut the f*** up," not realizing one of the ladies was none other than former President Barack Obama's 21-year-old daughter, Malia Obama.

Pete told Conan O'Brien about the experience, saying it all went down at the Comedy Studio in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The 40-year-old explained that he often performs and doesn't know if there is someone famous in the audience and that's what happened that day. He went on to say, "There were these two hot women, young women, in the front that the whole show were whispering," adding, "What a Black Mirror nightmare to be doing stand up and there's two attractive girls - which is what made every nerd into a comedian - in the front row, whispering and laughing at people on the stage, but in a bad way."

Pete first addressed them, saying, "What's going on? I can see you." However, they ignored him, so he stated, "Shut up. Look at my face. I'm here to help." Unfortunately, that didn't make a difference so he then yelled, "Please, shut the f*** up," and grabbed a curtain and threw it over them saying, "I don't care. Enjoy the show however you want. I just don't want to see you."

Pete was surprised that didn't get a big laugh. Instead, the audience turned on him. He later found out it was Malia, who attends nearby Harvard University.

Conan wondered why Pete wasn't shot after messing with President Obama's daughter like that and Holmes responded, "I've never gotten off stage and been like, 'Why wasn't I shot?' Or at least a little laser beam like you're trying to entertain a cat on my face. I covered them. I was like, 'Shut up, shut up, shut up. You should vanish."

Pete is still touring live and you can get all his dates here.

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