Newlywed Woman Shows Off Wedding Ring But All Anyone Can See Is Her Finger

When most people get married, they don't just wind up with a brand new spouse, they get a brand new ring as well. Plenty of newlyweds love to show off their new bling too, and those photos are usually met with oohs, aahs, and general compliments. However, that's not always the case, especially if the pictures make their way to the Facebook group called That's It, I'm Ring Shaming.

The group is made up of both opinionated people who love tearing down other people's jewelry, and voyeurs who just like to watch the shaming and wallow in it. Sometimes though, one of the members is bold enough to post their own ring and invite others to roast it. That's what one woman did, though she might be regretting it now.

She shared a picture of her left hand, which showed two rings tightly on her finger, one a gold band and the other featuring three square jewels. She captioned it, "Married three years, do your worst. Eternity ring on the way, want to see what you think of these before I add it. Not going to make excuses for anything, roast what you see." And roast they did.

Most of the hundreds of comments dealt with the woman's ring finger. One person wrote, "GIRL! Size that s**t. Your finger is trying to swallow it whole," while another asked, "Can you even feel your finger?" and someone else said, "Your finger is gonna fall off. That s**t doesn't fit!"

Others were able to overlook the rings' tight squeezes and instead chose to insult the rings themselves, calling them "tacky," "cheap" and "painfully boring." They also went after the rings' colors, with a commenter questioning, "Why mix white and yellow gold?" and another suggesting, "I bet you mix your black and whites together in the wash."

No word on what the woman plans to do with the eternity ring she said she'd be adding.

Photo: Getty, Facebook/ThatsItImRingShaming