Kia Issues Second Recall, Warns Owners To Park Outside Over Fire Risk

Kia is recalling over 440,000 vehicles for a second time over an issue that could cause engine fires. The recall includes Kia Optima sedans from 2013-2015 and 2014-15 Sorento SUVs.

The automaker said that a blake fluid can leak into a control computer, causing an electrical short. The short can spark an engine fire, even if the car is turned off. Kia advised owners to park their vehicles outdoors and away from structures and other vehicles until the issue has been resolved.

Kia has received reports of eight fires relating to the issue, including one from a dealer who said the car had been repaired during last year's recall. Six of the fires involved the Optima, and two involved the Sorento. There were no reports of injuries.

The car company said that owners can bring their vehicle to a dealership, where technicians will replace the fuse with one that has a lower amperage rating, check the brake fluid line for leaks, and check the control computer to ensure it has not been damaged. Owners will be notified if their car is being recalled starting on July 2.

You can check to see if your car is part of the recall by going to and entering your 17-digit vehicle identification number.

Photo: Getty Images