Buck Sexton stopped by the Sean Hannity Show on Thursday afternoon to share his thoughts on the devastating terror attack that rocked Barcelona; telling Sean that these types of attacks are so “simplistic” that any “imbecile” with a car could now inflict mass casualties.

“One of the big problems here, and people are often repeating this now because it’s become so common place, we’re getting almost numbed to the regularity of these horrific terrorist attacks in Europe,” Buck told Hannity.

“As somebody who used to work for the NYPD Intelligence Division here in New York City, people often think of terrorist casualties, and you’ll see these charts that are out there that say the threat is overstated,” said Sexton. “What they don’t take in to account is that there are any number of mass casualty jihadist terror attacks on US soil that are prevented by the work of law enforcement.”

Buck added that the major problem facing European and American law enforcement is that these types of vehicular attacks lack the “sophistication” that ultimately helps officials prevent these incidents before they occur.

“In the case of Europe, the big problem here […] is that they’re taking out the element of sophistication that sometimes works in our favor; meaning that the attack planning is so simplistic,” he said.

“Al Qaeda and the Islamic State […] are saying, ‘Get a large vehicle, get momentum, pick a civilian area where there’s a lot of foot traffic, understand that they will scatter once they realize what’s going on, consider bringing additional weapons for when you exit the vehicle,’” Buck added.

“Any imbecile can do this.”

Listen to Buck on the Sean Hannity Show above.