Video: History-Making Solar Probe Provides Slew of New Insights on the Sun

A history-making spacecraft that sweeps through the solar atmosphere has reportedly provided scientists with a bevy of new insights into the nature of the sun. NASA's Parker Solar Probe launched in November of 2018 and is designed to fly through the outer atmosphere of our proverbial home star, known as the corona, around twice a year. By reaching a distance of 15 million miles away from the surface of the sun, the probe has provided the closest look at the solar atmosphere of any craft in history, smashing the previous record of 26.5 million miles.

Equipped with four sophisticated instruments and a thick shield to protect it from the harsh conditions of the corona, the probe has been able to collect a slew of previously unobtainable information on the sun, specifically the mysterious discharge of particles known as 'solar wind.' Some of the findings from the craft's first three missions were revealed this week via four scientific papers published by astronomers. "The complexity was mind-blowing when we first started looking at the data," one of the lead scientists working on the project said of the probe's insights into solar winds.

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