Canadian Theatre Seeks Ghost

A theatre in Canada has launched a rather clever contest in which the winner will earn the right to be site's resident ghost when they die. According to a local media report, the future haunted location in question is the 102-year-old Regent Theatre in the community of Picton, Ontario. Although it has been rumored in the past that the site may boast a ghost or two, it would appear that the theatre has no 'signature spirit,' which is a problem that the directors of the building now hope to rectify.

"Every self-respecting theatre should have a ghost," Regent Theatre Foundation chair Benjamin Thornton declared when announcing the contest. By way of a $25 donation, aspiring spirits can have their name entered into a drawing which will be held on, of course, Halloween night. The selected winner will receive "the perpetual right to haunt the theatre" upon their demise as well as have their name prominently displayed in the building where, presumably, future visitors will tell the tale of the ghost lurking in the building.

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