Video: Odd Orb Leaves Pastor Unsettled

A pastor in Florida was left unsettled after his home security system woke him up in the middle of the night with an alert about an odd orb that was floating around his living room. According to a local media report, the puzzling incident occurred last week in the Daytona Beach residence of Monzell Ford, who also serves as the chaplain for the city's police department. Roused from his sleep by a notification on his phone that the security system's motion sensor had been triggered, he looked and saw "this orb, this imagery, just hovering in my living room."

Unlike in similar cases of curious orb videos wherein the footage is captured when no one is around, Ford happened to be just a few feet away as all of this was unfolding in his home and so, to his credit, he actually got out of bed to investigate the situation. "But I went out there, I couldn't physically see what I'm looking at in the live feed," he recalled, "so now I’m like 'whoa.'" The strangeness continues for several hours and culminated with the orb splitting up into multiple parts.

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