A reconstruction era law could decide the outcome for Governor.

Voters in Mississippi will head to the polls tomorrow from 7a, to 7pm.

With the polls showing a tight contest in the gubernatorial campaign, a reconstruction era law could decide the outcome. The law, passed in 1890, says that in order to win a statewide race, a candidate must get a majority of the popular vote, plus the majority of the 122 House districts. If no candidate does so, then the House would select the winner. Republicans now control the Mississippi House of Representatives. A federal judge ruled Friday that he would not immediately block the law.

Regardless of who wins the race for Attorney General tomorrow, history will be made. Republican Lynn Fitch is running against Democrat Jennifer Riley-Collins. Whoever wins would become the state of Mississippi's first ever woman Attorney General. And, if Riley-Collins wins, she would become the first African American elected official for a statewide office since reconstruction.


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