Mary Tyler Moore passes away

I didn't realize what a trailblazer Mary Tyler Moore was when I was a kid watching her shows.  All I knew was she seemed funny, and smart, and seemed to embody the kind of woman I'd love to be when I grew up.  It would be much later when I learned how the capri pants she wore on The Dick Van Dyke influenced all of us. Before she put them on that character, you'd see women on TV wearing heels and dresses to cook and clean, something little girls everywhere knew wasn't realistic.  It's commonplace now, but back then it was a huge deal!

She and her second husband launched MTM Enterprises, creating shows we all love and remember.  The Bob Newhart Show, Taxi, Hill Street Blues and Cheers are just a few.  

She's an icon, a role model, a television pioneer.  I never gave much thought to the fact that through her roles, she was creating a new normal for women that my mother's generation didn't exist in.  We could work, raise families, wear pants...all while we 'turned the world on with our smiles'!

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