Memorials are being held along our coast today and tomorrow to honor police officers killed in the line of duty.

Five law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty in Hancock County will be honored this morning at 11 at the Hancock County Courthouse in BSL. 

In Jackson County, there’s a ceremony at 2 this afternoon at the grave site of Pascagoula officer Terry Byrd, who was only 26 when he was killed in a motorcycle accident.  Sheriff’s officials will place wreaths at the graves of 6 deputies killed in the line of duty. 

There will be a memorial ceremony for fallen officers on the front steps of the Gulfport Police Department tomorrow morning at 9. 

My friend Sherri Marengo at our sister station, K99, shared this video on her blog earlier this week.  It's such a beautiful tribute I wanted to share it, as well.  

To the men and women in blue...Thank you for all that you do.

~~Kelly Bennett

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