I cannot believe it's been 39 years since "Grease" came out!

For me, it's one of those movies that gets funnier every time you see it.  

And the music?!  OMG so many great songs to sing along with!

Poor Sandy.  So innocent, and brokenhearted.  And longing for the bad boy she just knows has a good heart.  Awwwws....

But then there's Rizzo, dealing with issues of her own.  The tough facade she uses to try to keep from getting hurt, and then ends up hurt, anyway.  

And the guys...all cars and slicked back hair and...I could go on and on.  

I've lost count of how many times I've seen this movie.  One more time for the anniversary!  

Grease is the word, y'all!

~Kelly Bennett

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