Your latest binge-worthy favorite?

I don't think you need to be a brain surgeon to know that binge watching is NOT good for your health.  An Australian study found sitting for hours watching your favorite show increases your risk of dying from inflammatory diseases like Alzheimer's and Diabetes.  Every extra hour of watching per day is associated with a 12% increased risk of death.  People that spend 4 hours a day binge watching are at the greatest risk.  90% of Millennials confess they watch an average of five or six episodes in one sitting.


I know the risks, but that doesn't stop me from getting into a few binge-watching sessions, myself.  My latest guilty pleasure is a show called "Skin Wars".  The painters that create the body art in these challenges are amazing.  I recently bought a blank canvas, intending to eventually paint either an octopus or a seahorse onto it, and this show is amazingly motivating!  

I may just have to get some body paint, and eventually give that a shot. 


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