Was a mass shooting averted in Mississippi?

In Petal last week, a Walmart employee who saw something and said something may have helped to prevent a mass shooting. Mayor Hal Marx says there's no doubt that lives were saved because the employee reported his concerns about an armed customer. A man came into the store Friday with a gun in his waistband and bought ammunition, then sat outside in his car, raising suspicions about his intentions. Police later found a rifle with ten loaded magazines for the weapon in the vehicle. Twenty-two-year-old Patsy Delvecchio is being held for psychiatric evaluations but hasn't been charged with any crimes. 

A new report says authorities have prevented six mass shootings since the deadly attacks in El Paso, Dayton, and Gilroy. A report in The Guardian says several of the alleged plots might have involved white supremacists. The six men suspected of planning attacks were allegedly targeting gays, Jewish people, black Americans, Latinos, and Muslims. Law enforcement and media reports say four of the suspects were white men in their 20s. All but one were believed to be armed. 

The man accused of killing two co-workers at a Walmart in Southaven last month is fighting efforts to bring him back to Mississippi to face charges. Martez Abram has been hospitalized in Memphis after being shot by a police officer. And the state is going through the extradition process now. There's another hearing in the case next week.

A state lawmaker accused of hitting his wife because he wanted to have sex and she didn't get undressed fast enough has been acquitted on a domestic violence charge in George County. But Republican Representative Doug McLeod still faces possible action at the State Capitol. Speaker Philip Gunn says the House Ethics Committee will consider the issue. Gunn says, despite the judge's decision, he and many other members of the House are concerned about the incident which happened at McLeod's home back in May.

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency says it has completed its damage assessment of counties affected by backwater flooding this year. No figure was made public but the agency says it will submit its findings to the Federal Emergency Management Agency along with a request for individual financial assistance. Since February, more than 600 homes in Humphries, Yazoo, Issaquena, Sharkey and Warren counties have been devastated by backwater flooding.

What’s as good as Christmas morning? Apparently, a walk in the park. A University of Vermont study, which analyzed people’s tweets, found that spending time in the park can make you as happy as you are on Christmas Day. Researchers found that people’s tweets had much more positive language and expressed less negativity following a visit to a park – and the good feelings lasted up to four hours afterwards. Researchers say the happy Twitter posts of park goers rivaled the positive tweets on Christmas Day, which is apparently the happiest day of the year on Twitter.


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