Some things to keep in mind before you head to the polls.

County Clerks from across the state want voters to make sure they remember a few things before heading to the polls today. Each voter must show a state issued photo I.D., make sure you are voting in the right precinct and you can cast your ballot for any candidate in today's election, regardless of party. Turnout is expected to be heavy in today's election.

Letters that have been mailed out encouraging voters to cross party lines on today's ballot are based on phony statistics. The letters from a group called the Center for Voter Information attempt to rank neighborhoods based on their voting history, giving higher grades to those where people are willing to vote for candidates of different parties and lower grades to neighborhoods where people tend to vote a straight ticket. But the Secretary of State's office says, since there's no party registration in Mississippi, there's no way to come up with such a political rating for a neighborhood.

Tate Reeves spent much of Election Eve on the coast telling supporters that the outcome of the governor's race depends on the turnout today. Reeves says a big turnout tends to favor Republicans. And his campaign got a last-minute boost from the nation's number-two Republican. Vice President Mike Pence told a crowd in Biloxi that Mississippi and America need Reeves to be the next governor.

Democrat Jim Hood spent much of his day in the Delta. And just like Reeves was saying, Hood says the focus now is to get his people to the polls. Hood did some old-fashioned campaigning in Greenwood using loudspeakers on trucks. He's confident that in addition to the traditional Democratic vote, he'll get support today from moderates and many Republicans including some who voted for Bill Waller Junior in the GOP primary. 

More than 51-thousand Mississippians will be voting without going to the polls today. Their absentee ballots are already in and thousands more may have been received before yesterday's deadline. About 58-thousand voters requested absentee ballots. More than one-point-nine million Mississippians are registered to vote out of a voting age population that's estimated at around two-point-two million. 


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