Ozzy's "Under the Graveyard" is really a love song.

Ozzy's new song, "Under the Graveyard" is really a love story. Leave it to the Ozman right?! As explained in this clip about the filming of this video, they take you back to 1979 after Sabbath had given him the boot. I'll let the video flesh out the rest of the story:

I've always been a huge Ozzy fan. In fact, my absolute favorite guitar player is still Randy Rhoads. I think it was his classical influence on the instrument that really spoke to me when I was back in high school, taking classical guitar lessons to please my Mom--who was paying for the lessons, after all--when what I really wanted to do was rock. Ahhh, good memories.

And the finished product?

Ozzy and Sharon are spending their first Christmas apart in 40 years. He is home in Los Angeles and she is in London, starring in Nativity the Musical.

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