More than 2,000 Guns Stolen from Houston Cars in Last 10 Months

In a troubling crime trend, Houston police say more than 2,000 guns have been stolen from cars parked in the city over the last 10 months.

The staggering number represents a 21 percent increase over the number of gun thefts reported in 2018, says Houston Police Sergeant Tracy Hicks. "It's not a good guy stealing your gun," Hicks says. "It's a bad guy using it for who knows what. What is my gun being used for now? That’s scary."

While gun range parking lots are the most popular among thieves, Hicks says they also walk the lots at malls and in apartment complexes, looking for cars displaying affiliations with firearm associations. "Having your little sticker here on the back lets you know that you’re gun-friendly and somewhere in this truck there’s going to be a gun stored in there," Hicks says.

Photo: Getty Images

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